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ATA 2022 Journal & Planner Bundle

ATA 2022 Journal & Planner Bundle

Are you looking for an easy to use planner for your business?

I have been creating Ali's therapy Academy Journal and Planner now for 8 years

This is normally only available as a member of the Academy and comes every year as part of the membership.

This year I have developed the Journal & Planner in 3 different formats!

  1. As a pdf for you to print off and add to your folder - fill in as you wish with different coloured pens etc
  2. As a pdf fillable form on your pc - to fill in as you wish for you pc, laptop, table or phone
  3. As a pdf hyperlinked 0 this means you can upload to your Apple iPad or Phone and add to an App such as Goodnotes and fill in and decorate if you wish

All 3 of these formats are available for just £8.00 in one download to your pc!

The ATA 2022 Journal & Planner contains:

  • 12 monthly calendar each with their own goals tracker, task list tracker, journal and review
  • Awareness and Celabration dates
  • Templates - weekly and daily planner, monthly social media planner

This Planner can help you with your marketing and social media for your business to help you plan your content such as blogs, Facebook Live videos, newsletters, videos, Instagram Reels and posts etc

This is great to keep all your thoughts in one place for your business.

The Academy members look forward to receiving this at the end of the year to then plan for the following year. This also helps them with their Word Of The Year and their goals and dreams to focus on. 

You have access to the planner for the first time! 

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