Ali's therapy academy

Keeping your business healthy

Alis Therapy Academy - Keeping your business healthy


Do You Need Help Running Your Therapy Business?

You love providing the help and support to your clients, but have trouble getting your head around all the business and tech you need to run your therapy practice

You are not alone!

Imagine having the confidence, clarity mindset & motivation to grow the business you dream of

Are you ready to....
  • Know your ideal clients and attract the clients that you love working with
  • Stop discounting for your services and get your pricing right
  • Build confidence with your marketing and social media skills/pillars
  • Get help with your 3m's - Motivation, Mindset and Mind Monkeys!
  • Feel supported with a helping hand


Then why not book your 30 minute chat with me on 07773 702942 or send an email and see whether the ATA is right for you.

Some of my awards

Award finalist: Health Category - Women of The Year Awards 2012 -  JP South Events

2018 FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year  

award from FHT Vice President and Excellence Awards judge

Entrepreneur Of The Month February 2013 - The Entrepreneurs Circle

Award finalist: The Holistic Business Of The Year September 2013 - The Holistic Directory