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11 Mistakes Made With A Therapy Business

11 Mistakes Made With A Therapy Business


Webinar July 2014 - 11 Mistakes Made With a Therapy Business

This is a truly rewarding profession and career.  With your own business you are your own boss - good news and bad new - to makes choices: hours, holidays, also how your run your business.

The trouble is not all therapists are good at starting building or running a therapy business.  We get brilliantly trained and leave college with our gift but then have no idea about working 'on' the business.  We can finally lose our momentum, not get the clients and give up,.

In this webinar/online workshop I will take you through the 11 mistakes that are often made - not by the lack of the therapists ability but their lack of business knowledge.  Topics covered include:

Being visible, marketing, clients, list building, client attraction, keeping clients, systems,  taking action and implementing, working from the heart and so much more.

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