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GDPR Regulation- Are You Ready?

How to be compliant

Heard you seen on the news and social media about the new regulation that is coming into effect and will be enforced from 25th May 2018?

The Data Protection Act is replacing the General Data Protection Regulation. Did you know that this affects you and how you collect and store data?

In this online webinar I will take you through the regulation and what it means for your therapy business.

We  look at:

**What it is
**What it means to you and your business - transparent and specific
**The 12 steps to take now
**What you can put in place to get consent - mail, email, phone, text and events etc
**What to put on your website
**Collecting, storing and deleting clients records 
**Clients rights

There is a lot of confusion with this new regulation so I hope to be able to make this as clear and simple as I can for you to understand and what you have to do to help your business become complaint.  This is specifically targeted for therapists - beauty and complementary

Included in this workshop - GDPR Audit Checklist Download

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