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How to and why on and offline


Does your business have a support team or team of experts?

Are you looking for more clients?

Networking - how does it make you feel? Does it fill you with excitement, does it fill you with cheer that you know you are going to get your business out there, or does it feel you with absolute dread!

Is this you?

  • Are you an introvert and too shy and scared to talk to strangers?
  • You want to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people?
  • Have you an empty appointments book?

This course is just for you if:

  • You are too scared and don’t know how to network
  • You want to be able to say what you do in your ‘pitch’
  • You don’t how to take online networking to offline networking
  • You just don’t like networking and think it doesn’t work

This info packed, 1 ½ hour online course will help you feel confident with your networking, knowing what to say, what you do, what to take, your agenda and how to get people interested in what you do.

Included in this pack: video, audio, course book, work book, access to Facebook ATA Hub private group and 1 hour skype mentoring (value £60)

Including in this course:

  • I’ll tell you what mistakes to avoid when networking
  • I’ll share with you the ‘pitch’ I have created for my therapies and you can use too
  • I’ll show how to create your own networking tools - prompts
  • I’ll cover what to do after a networking event with the ‘follow up’

Please note: this is a digital product – you will get instant access to the course material and an e-mail confirming all your login details.


Thank you Ali, you have made me think very differently now about networking and I will be able to attend with much more confidence. I never thought of networking in that way!

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