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Therapist Toolkit 2024 Reflect Renew Rise

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Therapist Tool Kit 2023: Reflect, Renew, Rise

This is an opportunity:

• To Reflect, Renew and Rise your passion for your business. To leave feeling inspired, motivated and empowered to plan your action for 2024.

• To prioritise and invest in focused time for your business’s wellbeing

This is the recordings from all 4 sessions on the day, plus access to the Facebook Group, workbook and resources.

I guide you through, step-by-step, how to map out your year so you can make it the best one yet. It a relaxed and productive day.  You are able to ask questions and discuss your business and plans within the Facebook Group through the sessions and beyond as you will be able to watch the replays and continue to post in to the group ongoing through to Spring 2024!

How is this structured?

Session 1 is all about gaining clarity on where you are right now and where you want to be in 12 months’ time. We will be reviewing your year, but also looking at your own mindset and body language.

Session 2 We’ll be looking at sales funnels (aka client path), goal setting, what you want your business to look like, how your products are structured, who your ideal client is and more. We will be looking at creating a vision board and business mandala.

Session 3 This is where you get down and dirty with your message. We’ll be looking at how you can focus your marketing energy for the next year.

Session 4 Social Media, Facebook Groups, AI Chat GPT you’ll be aiming to walk out with 12 monthly themes and 52 different content ideas planned out so you can ROCK 2024!


Who is it designed for?

• Small business and self-employed therapists who want to have a marketing plan mapped out for 2024 – no more ad hoc campaigns and flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to promoting your products and services.

Testimonials from previous planning day workshops:

Jill - Thank you, brilliant day!

Marianne - Well I've been offering massage for over 12 years and have always struggled with pinpointing my ideal client. It was something I could never get my head around so I was a bit all over the place. And I thought you could only have one! But after following the talks and workbook etc I think I've finally done it. I'm coming out of this year feeling more prepared and focused with more actually planned. So thank you Alison Brown for all you shared that day. It has been a fantastic help in lots of ways.

Jan - If you missed the planning session today with Alison Brown, then I highly recommend you buy it if you're not a Parliament member, & watch it on catch up. The information from today is extremely helpful and is very specific to all therapy businesses, so it's worth every penny, as you can easily apply the information in it to your business. There are so many ideas to take away and work with.It gives you clarity on how you can plan your social media content if you're always stuck on what to post, & on how to do your pricing properly. Sound advice in an accessible format with a workbook you can refer to again & again. Thank you Ali for a brilliant day. It's a 5 star review from me. 

You will be joining a private Facebook Group to access all the recordings and guides.

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