Ali's therapy academy

Keeping your business healthy

Sussex Healers

Sunday, October 17, 2021 - 10:00 to 17:00

Manor Barn

Old Town

Bexhill On Sea


Social Media - to use or not to use? That is the Question!

Alison describes social media as the marmite of the media. Love it or hate it, this last year has seen more folk acquiring the taste and turniving in Internet communication. The likes of Zoom have proved Lockdown lifelines. An FHT National Award Winner, Ali will focus on Collaboration, Competition and Community, the Do'a and Don'ts, and the benefits of Different platforms. 

Speakers at the Sussex Healers Association Conference also include:

Jayney Goddard - Grow Younger Now! A fascinating, joyful and uplifiting talk on harnessing the age-rewinding power of love and compassion. We will learn how to reduce inflammation and make a huge impact on your health and happiness. A popular speaker, author, radio and TV prsenter, Jayney bases her recommendations on solid scientific resarch.

Dave Moor - Exploring The Language of Creation - What if our sophisticated vocal equipment was designed for much more than making the small mouth noises of language? What if there was a hidden language that has the power to re-shape this world? What if you were born speaking that languagee? This talk explores the origin of language, the power of the original language of mankind and the secrets hidden in the English language.