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Trello Boards

Would you like to be more organised?

Using Trello as a platform is easy and fun to use visually. It can help you to stay organised and keep on top of your to do list.



Do you have a lot of images and posts used on social media? Would you like thenm organised into a system so that you can find, access and repurpose easily?

You can with Trello. I can set up and organise a Content Library for you.

From £55.00


Would you like a social media strategy set up for you so that you know each week and each month what you are going to post - can also be linked to your Content Library.

From £35.00


Do you get overwhelmed withg what you have to do with your business when all you want to do is work with your clients?

Let me create your own business dashboard using Trello where you will be able to find easily all your important information, your goals, your ideas, your marketing, your projects, you financials and your social media. All your needs at your fingertips to run your therapy business.

You can then use this yourself or work with a VA.

From £30.00